A Vision of Hope for Women

Through more than 46 years of service to the residents in the West Englewood Community, SamElla, also referred to by the community, as Mother McKenzie was inspired to expand the outreach specifically to young women who express there is no “HOPE’.  Studies show that  young women between the ages of 9 and 16  who come from low income homes,, live in poverty stricken neighbors and experience violent crimes, are more likely than males and  young women their same age but of a different nationality,  to experience deceased psychosocial emotions,  and are in great need of counseling, mentoring and skills development.  Mother McKenzie’s vision was to build the new facility across the street from a High School currently with a 75% drop out rate and slated to close, so that this Vision would be visible, accessible and promising Hope for safer community and a  brighter future.  

2018 Purchased Land

6543-6545 S. Wood St. Chicago, IL - All City and Legal Requirements to build have been met!



Join Mother McKenzie in creating...

Our Goal: $140,000

A Space for Hope!

Open Temporary Offices

Phase II of the Hope Center Project will include positioning a temporary but flexible mobile office space that transitions programs and services onto the actual building site and more directly into the community while we continue to raise funds for the new permanent phase of the project. Young girls will benefit from an array of counseling services, after school tutoring and High School Community Service hours, youth empowerment support groups, job skills and college preparation training. Employment and internship opportunities will be available for students majoring in mental health and social services as well as CPE credits will be available to professionals who volunteer their services.

Build the New and Permanent SamElla Hope Center for young Women

Full and Free Service facility!



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