Join Team Hope 2019 In Creating                                                                               “A Space for Hope”                                                                                             PHASE II                                                                                                                          *Establish Temporary Flexible Offices at the Building Site*                       Operationalize and Expand Counseling, Education  and Youth Empowerment Programs into                                                           the Community of West Englewood*                                                                                                                        And                                                                                                                             *Fundraise for the New and Permanent Brick and Mortar Community Outreach & Resource Center for Young Women*


Phase 1 was acquiring land to build the Hope Center, Phase 2 is building a flexible mobile office on the acquired land. This structure will serve as a temporary location while we plan for the brick and mortar facility.  Any donation you give will be put towards the fulfillment of  this project.

Select ATTCOM as the not-for-profit organization to receive your End of  Year Charitable Contribution!